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     If you have a question that is not listed below, contact us and we'll answer your question to the best of our abilities.

1.) What should I look for when choosing a higher grade diamond?

     In our opinion, the most important criteria is color. When comparing stones, a great color (D, E, F) with a moderate clarity and cut will almost always look more impressive than a lower color stone (H, G) with a high clarity and cut.

2.) What ring options are available for people with larger knuckles or arthritis?

     Common options are to add balls or a tension butterfly inside the ring. You can also change the shape of the finger hole to a square. However, the ultimate choice is the locking hinged shank. It allows you to have the perfect fit which stops the head of a ring from easily twisting to the side and it's practically invisible.

3.) Do you buy used jewellery?

     The short answer is no, we don't buy used jewellery. However, we can use your old jewellery to make something new for you.

4.) How can I make my earrings more secure?

     For butterfly posts, the dual-tab release earring back offers the most security as it requires two buttons to be pushed at the same time in order to release. For shephard hooks, you can get a lever back installed or a clear rubber plug to stop the hook from sliding out.

5.) What can I do about the allergic reaction I get from certain jewellery and watches?

     Depending on what is causing the reaction, we can plate the item with 24K gold or rhodium. However, you can try clear nail polish on the item where it makes contact with the skin. For people with severe reactions to many different metals, titanium is a hypoallergenic metal that is safe for anyone to wear. We can even make custom jewellery out of titanium.

6.) What are the benefits of rhodium plating?

     Rhodium is the brightest white metal you can have and is tarnish resistant. Almost all white gold and high end silver retail stock is rhodium plated. However, rhodium is an expensive material and thus costs you more when jewellery needs to be altered or repaired as the items need to be replated afterwards. Personally, our opinion is to not plate anything as it takes away from the unique tones that make a certain metal what it is. With today's alloying techniques, even 10K white gold is far whiter than it was a decade ago.

7.) I can't get my ring off my finger, what should I do?

     With a few squirts of Windex, your skin around the ring will contract slightly and be lubricated. Grab the ring firmly and use a pulling/twisting action to gradually twist the ring off. If this doesn't work, you can come to our store and have the ring cut off. At this moment, we cannot remove tungsten rings (titanium and steel can be cut) and you'll have to visit a store that sells tungsten to have it removed.

8.) How much does it cost to have a custom piece made and how long does it take?

     There are a lot of factors that contribute to the cost of a custom piece of jewellery, but most custom work starts in the $300 to $500 range. We can even use your old jewellery for materials to keep the cost down.

     The time it takes to create a piece depends on the complexity of the design. Simple pieces take about 2-4 weeks and more complex designs typically take 4-6 weeks.

9.) Can titanium and tungsten rings be sized/engraved?

     Tungsten rings cannot be sized. However, we can size titanium rings. In fact, we can repair all titanium products; even eye glasses.

     Titanium and tungsten can both be engraved. Titanium engraves quite well, but tungsten is much harder, therefore an additional charge applies.

10.) Can you repair my                ?

      We get asked this question many times because people have been told a piece cannot be repaired. At Fine-Line, we pride ourselves in tackling the most unusual repairs and custom jewellery requests. You will not find a more complete, one-stop location. We have computerized milling and engraving machines, laser welders that can repair the most difficult and intricate pieces, skilled hand engravers to re-carve and enhance jewellery, and over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Precision technology coupled with the sensibilities
and mastery of traditional craftsmanship.

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