Custom Designs
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     "Buying jewellery from a showcase or catalog is simple and convenient, but in some circumstances designs made to appeal to the masses are not specific enough for your needs or desires; thatís where we can help."

     If you are interested in custom designed jewellery, we are Edmontonís most complete in-house solution. The following details the process by which we conduct custom jewellery orders:

1.)  consultation
     With over 25 years of experience in custom jewellery, we can help you decide on the best design for the occasion. When designing jewellery, we take into account the wearerís current jewellery preferences and physical attributes in order to make a design that both stands out and compliments.

2.)  sketching
     We offer many sketches surrounding different aspects of the desired design for you to decide on. This helps us give you the best design possible by allowing you to confirm your decision against many other attractive possibilities. Sketches can be faxed, emailed, or reviewed first hand.

3.)  rendering
     Our designs are developed using the latest engineering technology. This allows us to fully realize a design before any manual labour commences. It also allows you to do a final critique on your original piece, analyzing it from all angles. If necessary, additional changes can be made until the rendering is completely approved. Renderings can again be faxed, emailed, or reviewed in person.

4.)  production
     Upon approval, we then mill the piece of jewellery in wax form with precise computer-driven machinery. This ensures perfect symmetry and exact detail. We then make a mold of the wax and cast the jewellery in the desired material. With a final polishing and cleaning, the item is complete and ready for your enjoyment.

     Our jewellery is built to be worn and we ensure a strong and durable custom piece regardless of how intricate the design. We take great pride in our quality design and craftsmanship and realize that there is importance and meaning behind your custom jewellery. It is with that understanding that we treat each of our designs with the utmost care and attention.

     Visit our gallery to see many of the custom designs we have made for our valued customers.

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