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services : engraving

     "Engraving has been a solid foundation for our business for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to engrave practically anything you require without sacrificing quality."

     Many of our customers come to us after being told that their item simply cannot be engraved. We’ve come through for them on countless occasions because we are the most comprehensive engraving facility in Edmonton.

Items that we commonly engrave include:

  • jewellery
    • inside & outside (rings/bangles)
  • watches
  • pens
  • rodeo buckles (curved text)
  • recognition awards (trophies/plaques)
  • name badges
  • glassware
  • giftware

We offer the following methods of engraving:

  • manual machine
  • computer
    • diamond burnishing
  • hand engraving
  • routering (deep cut)
    • paint filling
  • glass etching

     In addition to engraving on almost any surface, we proudly offer professional custom artwork for all our engraving services. From company logos to foreign languages and symbols, we can put whatever you desire on the item.


The Immortal Plaque
Most award plaques have a wood base with a thin engraved metal plate adhered to it. We decided to make something more than that so we used our computer engraver to cut custom corner flashes and plates out of heavy brass and even cut perfect pockets in the stained walnut plaque for everything to reside in. Brass nails accent the corners of the engraved plate and the result is a beautiful award plaque that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

     The following are examples of engraving we've done for our customers. From elegant hand-engraving to crisp sand blasting on glass and marble, we can accomodate almost all of your engraving needs:

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