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services : repair

     "When you bring in your valuables for repair, we take great care in ensuring that not only is the obvious damage repaired, but potential future problems are addressed as well."

     We use laser welding to assemble and repair items. Typically, welding involves using solder which creates an adequate bond, but laser welding fuses materials together creating the strongest, cleanest, most precise repairs possible.

Jewellery (platinum, gold, silver, costume):

  • repair
    • laser welding
  • cleaning & inspection - FREE
  • polishing
  • resizing
  • refurbishing
  • erasing engraving
  • replating

Clocks & Watches:

  • battery replacement
  • crystal replacment
  • repair
  • house calls available

* Standard 1-year warranty on all clock & watch repairs.

     We also offer services for other items such as silverware, eye glasses, belt buckles, award components, etc. If you have something that needs repair, enhancing worn details, erasing or cleaning, give us a call to see if we can help.


The Queen's Scout Ring
A fellow came to us wanting to wear his old Queen's Scout ring again, but it was too thin and needed to be strengthened. Due to the enamel in the ring, torch welding was not an option so we chose to cut off the bottom and created a new ring with a perfect pocket for the old ring top to fit in. We laser welded the two rings together and now he enjoys wearing the original ring with a strong protective sheath surrounding it.

     Here are some samples of items we have remade or enhanced. The faded items are the original and the new versions are fully opaque.

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