Custom Designs

     "When creating custom jewellery, we go the extra mile to ensure that it compliments both you and your style, as well as making it stand out from the crowd. The choices for personalizing your custom jewellery are endless."


The Jeweller's Wife's Ring
This dazzling 1.5 carat canary yellow diamond is set with a suspended loop of paladium with 0.6 carat worth of white diamonds. The slight grey of paladium gives the greatest contrast against yellow gold. We created yellow gold claw tips for the center diamond to not take anything away from its presence. Also, the diamond is set slightly into the band to reduce the height for everday wear.

The Jaw Dropper
With a handful of jewellery she no longer wore, we selected the best stones to create this incredible 2.5+ carat stunner. A unique pave of larger stones with a raised marquise gave this ring the perfect texture for an attractive top. Soft curves complimented the marquise and reduced the bulkiness to keep the ring very feminine.

A Family Heirloom
For this family crest ring we decided to use hand engraving to bring the ring to life and keep a traditional, old-world feel. When a ring is carved by hand, all the details have a gorgeous, bright mirror finish that computerized milling and mold making cannot reproduce. To create an attractive contrast, a hand made stippled texture was used in the recessed areas.

A Really Super Ring
This ultimate sterling silver superhero ring features ceramic paint to give it a splash of color. Ceramic paint is baked in and becomes so hard that it polishes up with the rest of the ring leaving a glossy liquid look. The dripping paint effect gives the ring a real comic book feel and easily sets this ring apart from the rest.

Head Of The Class
We created a university graduation ring with more modern and unique sensibilities. We focused on the shape and size, then created a custom cut sapphire to follow the pillowed dome of the ring. We use extremely fine custom made cutters to create very sharp and precise text and details.

Bronze Land Surveyor Sculpture
This bronze sculpture was created from a historical land surveying photo and stands at 10" tall. The ground section was carved from a block of walnut and the tripod features a free swinging plumb bob. We hand carved a complete wax figure and tripod, giving it a chiseled look. Due to the large size, we casted it in multiple pieces and used a laser welder to assemble the sculpture. We then secured it to a black marble base for final presentation. We are continually pushing ourselves and the wealth of experience we have is incomparible.

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